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About Us

In business since 1980, our staff has amassed more than 52 years of expertise in all areas of microscopy from experience in military, collegiate, industrial, laboratory and other service fields. Our goal is to provide uncompromising customer service.

Our comprehensive microscope business includes sales and service of top quality instruments. We feature sales of complete instruments, related parts and accessories. Our service team provides overhaul and repair service as well as service contracts for periodic maintenance.  We can provide documentation for medical labs to satisfy all accreditation requirements.

We serve a diverse client base with applications in biology, clean-room, education, geology, hobbyist/enthusiast/collector, industrial, manufacturing, medical, metallurgy, microchip, research, surgical and veterinary medicine.

We belong to Service Associates, a coalition of microscope professionals networking across America to give members access to an extensive network of microscope products and knowledge.

We support instruments from leading companies including Accu-Scope, American Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Leica, Leitz, Meiji, Motic, Nikon, Olympus, Wild-Heerbrugg, Zeiss and others.

We have dozens of microscopes in stock and ready for delivery.  Our selection of new, used and refurbished microscopes includes compound, inverted and stereo microscopes used in most types of microscopy such as bright field, confocal, dark field, fluorescence, Hoffman Modulation Contrast, Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast, phase contrast, photomicrography, polarized light, reflected light, transmitted light and others.

Laboratory Optical Service, Inc. is based in the Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator in Abingdon, Virginia.  Our business phone is 276-628-4120.