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Nikon Green G-1B Fluorescent Microscope Filter Cube for E400/ 600, TE200/300


Product Description

This filter cube is new item from a former Nikon dealer inventory. It will fit the Nikon Eclipse series of fluorescent microscopes E400, E600, E800, and TE200/300. It is in the catalog with a product number of 96110. The list price in the 2010 catalog is $858.00.  The cube is in new condition an

Green Excitation: G-1B (Longpass Emission)



The Nikon G-1B longpass emission filter set is similar to the G-1A combination, utilizing the same narrow bandpass (10 nanometers) excitation filter, centered at 546 nanometers, but with different dichromatic mirror and emission filter specifications. The G-1B filter set has increased separation between the cut-on wavelengths of the dichromatic mirror and emission filter (565 and 590 nanometers, respectively), enabling transmission of orange and red, with minimal yellow emission from fluorophores absorbing near the center of the green spectral region. The increased emission filter cut-on wavelength results in images with redder spectral characteristics than those produced by the G-1A combination.

Green Excitation Filter Block G-1B Specifications

  • Excitation Filter Wavelengths: 541-551 nanometers (bandpass, 546 CWL)
  • Dichromatic Mirror Cut-on Wavelength: 565 nanometers (longpass, LP)
  • Barrier Filter Wavelengths: 590 nanometer cut-on (longpass, LP)

The G-1B filter combination is equipped with a narrow passband (10 nanometers) excitation filter, which minimizes autofluorescence. The center wavelength of the filter is positioned to correspond to the 546-nanometer emission line (referred to as the e-line) of a mercury arc-discharge source, which is the recommended application for the G-1B set. The longpass emission (barrier) filter used in this set is designed to collect fluorescence signals at wavelengths exceeding 590 nanometers, permitting visualization of orange and red emission, while blocking most yellow wavelengths. The G-1B filter green excitation filter combination is recommended when investigating the following fluorophores: Alexa Fluors (532, 546, 555, 568, and 594), dichlorodimethoxyfluorescein (JOE), Alizarin Red, BODIPY probes, Calcium Orange, Cy3, Cy3.1.8, dioctadecyl tetramethylindocarbocyanine (DiI), ethidium bromide, FluoroRuby, hexachlorofluorescein (HEX), LDS 751-DNA, MitoTracker Orange and Red, R and B-phycoerythrin, POPO-3, PO-PRO-3, propidium iodide (PI), Pyronin B, RedoxSensor Red CC-1, RH probes (237, 414, 421, 795), many rhodamine derivatives, Sevron Brilliant Red, SYTO derivatives, SYTOX Orange, and Xylene Orange. 

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